We are a 2500 sq. ft. high fire ceramics studio firing to Cone 10 and we use Bee-mix and Coleman’s porcelain. The high fire is the closest you can get to glass. 

Our studio is in the Historic Channel Island Arts Building - a former Bronze Foundry - at 480 Front Street in Grover Beach, just across the railroad tracks from the Pismo Monarch Butterfly Grove.

Studio Hours:

Monday - Friday 9-5pm

Saturday 10 -1

Closed major holidays.

Closed weeks of:

July 1 - 15

April 15 - 30

November 20-28

December 20 - January 8th

subject to change.

Pottery Coast monthly memberships are $200 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment. Call Susan at 805 574-0536 for an interview. 


We also have pottery sales and host visiting artist workshops, field trips, parties, pot talks, potlucks and other fun events. Please leave your name and email and we will send you a notice of when those are.

Some of what we offer:

  • Your own code to the shop and access during business hours.

  • Place to store your clay and tools

  • Free workshops​

  • Free firing up to 10 pieces per month but no piece larger than blan cubic inches

  • Discount pricing on clay

  • Art community

  • Parties

  • Field trips

  • Two major sales per year

  • Technical support

About Susan


Susan Bass opened Pottery Coast in December  2017 after realizing that there was going to be no place available to make high fire ceramics because they were cancelling access to community college classes.

Susan built Pottery Coast as part of her MFA Thesis and designed every square inch of the studio and layout. With help from some good friends and support from the local community, she built Pottery Coast over a ten month period. She plans to expand by opening an adjoining art gallery. 

Susan is a pottery guru and ceramic and mixed-media artist. She received her MFA from Sierra Nevada College and has had her work shown in several galleries and shows in California and Nevada.